The Grapes of Roth by Wolffer Estate

Chapter 1) Growing up in a wine making family

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"A day without a good glass of wine is a day without sunshine"- such was the motto of my parents Rosa and Remigius Roth. My father was a winemaker and a cooper. In later years he established his own liquor and wine merchandising business in my home town of Villingendorf - Rottweil, Germany. He also produced a premium apple wine. My whole family was involved in the business, be it harvesting, pressing or tasting with customers.

Thus I witnessed the love and appreciation of my parents for fine wines and the craft of winemaking from an early age. There was no meal without wine, frequent tours and tastings at wineries- this was their love and their passion. And of course, the daily glass of Champagne that my mother enjoys to this day! I am grateful for their great energy and spirit, and for sharing their incredible love of life!


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