The Grapes of Roth by Wolffer Estate

Chapter 3) Adventures in the New World- California 1986, Australia 1988

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With my training under my belt, it was time to taste and experience the wine world outside Europe. Traveling through Napa and Sonoma in 1986, and working at Saintsbury Estate, provided an eye opener to the quality of wines that existed in the “New World.” The energy and the adventurous attitude towards winemaking were very different to the traditional methods I knew, and appealed to me very much. I realized that anything was possible, that old rules could be broken, and that the search for the right philosophy and style is the key to success in the new world.

Unbeknownst at the time, this trip probably laid the basis for my future life!

Australia had become a big force in the wine world and I was curious. The Australians had a very irreverent and aggressive attitude toward winemaking- anything goes! Under Philip Shaw, I worked at Rosemount Estate in 1988. This was a wonderful experience in the outback of Australia, especially working with aspiring winemakers from all around the world who congregated there. Every Sunday night, Philip would cook and preside over a wonderful dinner, and we would spend hours debating and discussing all the wines. To me, this is the basis and culture of wine- good food, good wine, good company and friendship.


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