The Grapes of Roth by Wolffer Estate

Chapter 6) Start of a Great Adventure- Sag Pond Vineyards/ Wolffer Estates, Long Island, NY, 1992

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Christian Wolffer provided the opportunity of a lifetime- the excitement to be part of a new and growing wine region with no boundaries or limits, and the chance to create a winery and wines from infancy- this was the American Dream!

The camaraderie of the winemakers of the region, sharing knowledge, and the freedom to find and develop a style for the different wines was exhilarating and inspiring. Each year, I would strive for the best vintage ever, experimenting, pushing the limits, and creating better and better wines.

In 1997, we designed and opened a state of the art winery, with critically acclaimed wines, which firmly established Wolffer Estates as one of the premium wineries on Long Island.


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