The Grapes of Roth by Wolffer Estate

My Sincere Thanks

The people that influenced me on the path to The Grapes of Roth, to whom I owe my sincere thanks:

  1. My parents, Rosa and Remigius Roth, for their love of life
  2. My first Cellar Master and teacher, Manfred Bear
  3. A great winemaker, Philip Shaw of Rosemount Estate, Australia
  4. A philosopher for a colleague, Gerd Holfelder
  5. Dr. Meurer – Brilliant technician
  6. Christian Wolffer – a driving force
  7. Richie Pisacano – the perfectionist
  8. Estelita “Dushy” Roth – the love of my life who, lucky me, became “the winemaker’s wife” and Indira Isabella Dilini Roth, my daughter, who makes me smile, and who I hope will continue this passion.
  9. Gail and Robert Fairbrother – enthusiastic and persistent!
  10. Karlheinz Maier, for his humor and great friendship – “mon frere”
  11. Marsha Palanci – a great professional and mentor
  12. Bob Cartwright – a true “Aussie”, a great winemaker and an inspiration
  13. Louis Rodruiguez – for his love of wine (and his great wine collection!)
  14. Eric Fry and Russel Hearn – the “Yin and Yang” of winemakers, and Rich Olsen Harbich who helped me get started on Long Island
  15. Joey and Marc Wolffer for continuing the great dream of Wölffer Estate and for including me in this special partnership. There is no limit to making even greater wines together!


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