The Grapes of Roth by Wolffer Estate


excerpt from The Best Long Island Wines of 2006

At the end of every calendar year, its always fun to reflect on the year that was. So, as 2006 comes to an unseasonably warm close, I thought Id list and highlight some of my favorite Long Island wines of 2006.

Im a lucky guy. Im tasting and writing about Long Island wines as much and probably more than anyone else. Im even luckier because Im doing so as the region starts to reach maturity. In the past few years, local winemakers have really started to hit their stride, crafting some of the best wines ever made on the East Coast. I expect this trend to continue and the improvement to become even more profound. If you are excited about Long Island wine today like I am - youre going to be even more excited in the not-so-distant-future.

Best Merlot: Grapes of Roth 2001 Merlot ($50) Winemaker Roman Roth (of Wolffer Estate and Roanoke Vineyards) made only 200 cases of this rich, aromatic wine of uncommon elegance. Fruit-forward but impeccably balanced, it offers cherries, spearmint, sweet basil smoked meat and tar flavors in a full-bodied frame.

Runners Up: Lenz Winery 2001 “Old Vines” Merlot ($55), Raphael 2001 First Label Merlot ($30)

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